Aristocrat Leisure

from by Inhalants



"Take me to the carnival, I want to be alone."
Sighs Johnny the treasure hunter after selling all his clothes.
The guilt nestled in his pocket burns a hole in his whole hip.
He can feel it in his wrist, the release of giving in.
And the sun sets because it can't even watch,
while one-armed bandits sit gluttonous, and laugh.

The tray opens up into a gaping maw.
The crowd cries out a quiet whispered amazement;
"There was the snake. In plain sight all along.
Let's pay attention to the serpent and the rat he gnaws on."
Oh, God he screams "Why?" as the horror sets in.
"It paid out before, why won't it do it again?
I can't see the sun through the liberty bells that
tumble like an avalanche for me every night.
Who knew there were snakes here? How is it so cold?"
Those thoughts of regret, but Johnny did what he loved.
Thrashing and tearing, addiction taking its toll
as the casino constrictor swallows Johnny the rat whole.

Take all your regrets in stride.
Don't pay attention to what's rotting on the inside.


from Promotional Content, released November 17, 2016



all rights reserved


Inhalants Toronto, Ontario

Inhalants are some pretentious fucks from Ontario.

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